Who We Are

Design Upon Mersey is specialised in all things related to Graphic and Web Design. We’re based in England’s Northwest and we’re proud of it. We value quality service above all else, and we like to treat our customers as working partners, merging ourselves into the core of their business – offering effective and highly customised solutions. Also, we love what we do. We research and explore new trends and new directions in both Design and Technology. We live and breathe this – how to communicate better, more efficiently, how to make it a better experience to the user.

Our Favourite Clients

Design Upon Mersey’s favourite client is a company that values its clientèle, that wants the best for them. Our favourite client is someone who wants the best from us, that will make us work harder to deliver an unique design, fully compatible with today’s technologies and expectations. A company that we’ll be thrilled to work with and help to grow. Our favourite client – if you think  about it – is you.

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